Brand Melynn (Me-Lynn)

The word “Me” in Thai is “to have” and in English is “himself or herself”.  

Lynn comes from the root in Spanish meaning beautiful, lovely, and perfect.  

In combination, Melynn means I am beautiful and lovely,

signifying a woman who is beautiful, charming and confident.

Nowadays, due to the rapid and various changes in peoples lifestyles

MELYNN would like to offer products that respond to

the needs of the new generation. The concept is to combine art

and beauty to create quality cosmetic products.

Established in 2016. From the founder’s expertise in technology

and experience in the aesthetic field, we realize the demands 

and the user’s problems of products in the cosmetic market.

Therefore, the products are innovated and developed

with a focus on beauty, quality, modernity, effectiveness,

and are easily available to all.

Product Introduction

• Matte velvet lipstick 29 Colors

• Liquid matte lipstick 12 Colors

• Eyeshadow Palette

• Blush on 5 Colors

• Bronzer

• Sharp Line Eyebrow Autopencil 4 Color

• Hight Shine Intensity Lipstick